Course grading will be determined as follows:

Participation & attendance

Participation is key in this class. Some ways to participate include asking questions during class (no such thing as a dumb question), disagreeing with me (or one of the readings), giving feedback to other students, actively engaging in class activities.
You are expected to attend all classes. If there are emergencies and/or disruptions, please let me know so that we can come with an appropriate plan.

Communicating with me

Email is the best way to reach me outside of class. I do not have fixed office hours, however, you can always set up an appointment with me. Please note that I try to respond to emails within 24 hours, however, it may occasionally take longer, especially if I am travelling. Please do not wait till the last moment to email me.

Honor code

You are expected to know and adhere to the UNC Honor Code. This course involves collaboration and discussion with other students, and this is not inconsistent with the honor code. When submitting written work, anything written by others should be appropriately cited.