This class is based on MAS 714: Technologies for Creative Learning, a course taught by Professors Mitchel Resnick and Sherry Turkle at the MIT Media Lab. I have also used material from INFO 3505/5505: Designing for Creativity and Learning taught by Professor Ricarose Roque at the University of Colorado Boulder. Other syllabi that has informed the design of this course include T550: Designing for Learning by Creating, taught by Professor Karen Brennan at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and i263: Technologies for Creativity and Learning, taught by Professor Kimiko Ryokai at the University of California Berkley's School of Information.

The webpage design is based on the website of MAS.S61: Unpacking Impact: Reflecting As We Make, a course that I co-taught at MIT with Professors Ricarose Roque and J. Nathan Matias when all of us were PhD students.