Markup Languages

This is a bit dated, but it is still effective as a way to understand why you might want to learn markup languages

Read this before class and be ready to discuss them in class

Web Design in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition


Read pages 113-119, The Role of HMTL and Markup basics in Jennifer Niederst Robbins' Web Design in a Nutshell , 3rd Edition.

This book is available for free to UNC students through Safari Books Online, but it is a great reference tool and should be part of your professional bookshelf.

You don't have to watch it, but this introduction to HTML might be instructive.


Then read pages 89-97, XML basics through Well-formed XML also in Web Design in a Nutshell.

Similarly, you don't have to watch it, but this introduction to XML, by the same presenter, might also be instructive.

Don't think you have to know or remember everything in both readings.
They are to introduce you to the two markup languages

You don't have to read this unless you wish to, but we might touch upon it in conversation

Document Engineering by Robert Glushko

If you want more on XML, you may find it useful to read XML Foundations, pages 42-72 in Robert J. Glushko's, Document engineering : analyzing and designing documents for business informatics & Web services, Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2005

This is not a required reading. It is optional, but perhaps is one you might want to keep for later reading.