Categorizing Information

Watch this and think about how Paul Otlet used faceted categorization to create the Wikipedia of his day

The Birth of the Information Age: How Paul Otlet’s Vision for Cataloging and Connecting Humanity Shaped Our World | Maria Popova

Read this before class and be ready to discuss them in class

Glushko.Foundations for Organizing

Read pages 203-236, Categorization: Describing Resource Classes and Types. by Robert J. Glushko, Rachelle Annechino, Jess Hemerly, and Longhao Wang, in Robert J. Glushko's The Discipline of Organizing, MIT Press, 2013.

Pay particular attention to section 6.4 Category Design Choices and Implications. Ask yourself what choices you might make.


You don't have to read these unless you wish to, but again we might touch upon what Bob Losee has to say


Pay particular attention to his discussion of representation and how controlled vocabularies may be used to describe the organization.