INLS161-002 | Spring 2017

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The full course at has a lot of information you do not need. I will evaluated it by Spring Break and post any must see sections.


It might be helpful for you to understand the reasons why I choose to use reveal.js  in the design of some of my course material:

  1. My goals favor flexiblity over ease of use, so I am willing to put in the time to get what I want.
  2. It is fully responsive. It scales to fill any size monitor. Therefore, regardless of the display size size screen it won't letterbox or get cropped.
  3. It can display interactive HTML code.
  4. I am an Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop power user, so I am comfortable with design tools that give me more options than Powerpoint.
  5. I am very comfortable hardcoding HTML and Markdown.
  6. I am using Scalable Vector Graphics which allow me to create resolution independent graphics, so I want to have the capability to show them off on very large screens.
  7. This format is conducive to teaching technology.
  8. The file sizes are extremely small.

That, said, I will not always choose to use reveal.js. I have created quite a few presentations using PowerPoint and Keynote on the Macintosh.


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