WEEK 4: September 8 & 10

September 8: More on User Studies

  • Chapman, J., & Yakel, E. (2012). Data-Driven Management and Interoperable Metrics for Special Collections and Archives User Services. RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts and Cultural Heritage, 13(2), 129-151. http://rbm.acrl.org.libproxy.lib.unc.edu/content/13/2/129.full.pdf
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  • Archival Metrics http://www.archivalmetrics.org/

Optional Readings

  • Delgadillo, R. & Lynch, B. (1999). Future historians: Their quest for information. College and Research Libraries 60 (May), 245-259.
  • Duff, W. & Johnson, C.A. (2002). Accidentally found on purpose: Information-seeking behavior of historians in archives. The Library Quarterly (72,4), 472-96.
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  • Yakel, E. (2004). Seeking information, seeking connections, seeking meaning: Genealogists and family historians. Information Research 10(1), available at http://informationr.net/ir/10-1/paper205.html

September 10: User Study Assignment

***Come prepared to discuss (no more than 5 minutes) the institution that is the subject of your user study. Raise any questions or concerns you have to the class for feedback.***