Practice with the some current data

The Department of Defense reports casualty data in spreadsheet form, but no longer using Excel formats.

If you want to practice sorting and filtering on real data, try this downloaded worksheet which was one of DoD's earlier versions.

You might try sorting the data first by service, then by component, then occupation code prefix, and then by occupation code.

You might also try different filters

  • since the header row is not in the first row, be certain to select the actual header row so the filter tool knows where to apply the filter
  • do a simple filter by state
  • do a combined filter by service and then by state
  • do a custom filter to see how many of the names of are people between 18 and 22 years old
  • do a custom filter to see Hispanic names
    • this isn't a precise filter, but you might do a Boolean "or" filter looking for names that end in either "A" or "Z"
    • on second thought, that won't work? Can you see why not?
      • the data isn't arrayed so that you can easily filter on the last letter of the name.
      • were the data arrayed so that the last name was a field unto itself, one could apply this filter
      • or one can filter on Column T
  • so create some custom filters of your own, looking for record fields that respond to an "or" or an "and" combination of values


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