Task ① ⇒ basics

Perform a series of small tasks
to show your understanding of basic concepts


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Subtask 01.01 | prepare to share with the class

Sign up to the class blog and create a posting introducing yourselves

Subtask 01.02 | stay in touch with current news

Sign up for two newsletters

Subtask 01.03 | client-server relationship - ensure that you are prepared to work with the server

Confirm that you are subscribed to ONYEN services. Go to ONYEN services. Try to log in there at the "subscribe to services" button with your ONYEN and ONYEN password. If your credentials are working, you will be directed to a List of Services for your ONYEN. Check to see that you are subscribed for "Login, AFS file space" and "Web Publication Services" services.

Subtask 01.04 | client skills - download and install software

Using shareware.unc.edu or any other tool that you prefer, download and install an FTP tool 01.02e.clients.1.3.html compatible with your personal laptop and the UNC servers and show that you have the software on your PC by showing me that you know how to do a screen capture

Subtask 01.05 | server skills

Demonstrate some basic server operating system command line functional skills by creating a password protected directory in your public_html space on ISIS and then send

  1. the name of your directory,
  2. along with the userid and password needed to access it


Subtask 01.06 | Internet information tools - how do packets travel

Using a traceroute tool, trace the route of packets from your client back to a domain name on a server and FTP a screenshot of your results into the password protected directory you created in subtask 01.05.

Subtask 01.07 | Internet information tools - who owns domain names

Use a WHOIS tool to find the owner of a domain name associated with one of the mailing lists you signed up for and FTP a screenshot of your results into the password protected directory you created in subtask 01.05.



Do subtask 01.01 (I'll know you did it), tell me you did subtask 01.02 and 01.03 in an email note using the email account you prefer that I use to communicate with you.

Send an email note to with the name of the directory you will create for subtask 01.04, the URL I will need to find it, and the username and password I will need to open it.

Send subtasks 01.04, 01.06 & 01.07 as URLs to files you will have FTPed to the directory you will have created in subtask 01.05.

If you wish to place your subtasks on your own blog, tell me how to find it.



These first tasks are individually small and discrete, so there really isn't a visual model to follow.

The task 01 gradesheet contains the specifics standards and their weighted values.