HTML5 and CSS3: Visual quickstart guide.

With the increasing importance of HTML5, we have one required text,
Castro, E., Hyslop, B., & Castro, E. (2012).
HTML5 and CSS3: Visual quickstart guide. , 7rd Edition.
Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press.

You can survive without this book, but you would be well advised to purchase it and use it extensively.

Other readings

Most of the readings for this course will be available online, but there is one highly recommended text - Web Design in a Nutshell , 3rd Edition.

Web Design in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition

This book is available for free to UNC students through Safari Books Online, but it is a great reference tool and should be part of your professional bookshelf.

Even though it is focused on XHTML, it is useful not only for the topics we will be covering in class, but also as a reference tool for future thinking about web applications. You do not have to purchase it, but if you do, be sure to get the 3rd Edition. I would recommend you do purchase it and keep it as a professional reference tool.


Other online readings

We will use other Safari Books Online for readings on servers, web development, document markup, spreadsheets, relational databases, and presentations.

Session notes

These will include links to a variety of additional resources, to more fully explain or expand on topics discussed in the notes. Some of the linked sources may include:

  • online documentation from UNC's Information Technology Services (especially the help link),
  • other information sources available via the Web,
  • or readings that will be sent to you as email attachments or as blog posts.

Pay attention to the schedule and to the class blog. Session notes will be posted prior to each class and you would do well to look over the links prior to coming to class. If there is something that you should read prior to class, it will be included on the session notes for the session prior to the class you will be preparing for.


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