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Sign up for at least two newsletters

Sign up for at least two newsletters and send me a note and tell me which ones you subscribed to.

My choices

I want you all to sign up for two newsletters

  1. Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability. Jakob Nielsen's biweekly column on how to design more usable websites
  2. Technology Review: a journal of links to articles about technology developments (in their technical, social, and policy aspects)

Your choice

You may, depending on your interests, wish to sign up for one or more of these newsletters, but this is purely optional.

  • Resource Shelf : weblog of invisible web resources
  • FreePint : a weekly newsletter with a British perspective; of, by, and for information researchers
  • Internet Public Library blog : sponsored by the IPL consortium
  • : latest news on legal-tech issues.
  • Search Engine Watch : tips about internet search engines & search engine submission
  • Inf@Vis! : the digital magazine of  To quote them, they are interested in the incorporation of knowledge through the perception of information, mainly (but not only) in visual form.
  • Current Cites : a monthly annotated bibliography (with links to sources) of scholarly articles; from UC Berkeley
  • FirstMonday : a peer-reviewed scholarly journal from the University of Illinois, Chicago

If you wish to sign up for a newsletter as an RSS feed instead of as an email service,

do so

Just tell me that you chose the RSS option.


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