Introduction to INLS261

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Introduce ourselves

who we are

  1. by what name do we want to be known
  2. from where do we come
  3. what we hope to gain from this class


Introduce Meals with Heels

who we are

Meals with Heels is a student-initiated program that invites faculty and residents of campus housing to get together for a free meal at a campus dining location of their choice. The intent is to facilitate casual conversations between faculty and students that build relationships and ultimately lead to student academic success.

How it all began...

Education 318 students (a course sponsored by DHRE) were challenged to create a Capstone project that would positively impact the University. Four group-mates were in agreement that the faculty-student relationship could be improved. Thus, Meals with Heels was created by these students. T his initiative provides a great opportunity for both parties to really engage with one another and find strengths, weaknesses, goals, passions, and other interesting information about each other in a less formal setting.

The program has been adopted and run by the DHRE for the last two years. There are easy instructions for faculty and students to use the program and can be found on the housing website.

What you can do ...

In order to get the word out about the Meals with Heels program to your students:

  • Encourage students to utilize the program to schedule an introductory meal with you
  • Add Meals with Heels to your syllabi or Sakai as an option in conjunction to office hours
  • Contact our department for an intern or graduate assistant to briefly speak to your class about the program and scheduling

Review syllabus and schedule

to understand the expectations for the class

discuss how we will do each daily session

expect the notes pages for each session to be posted no later than the week prior to the scheduled date for the session. The notes will be my outline of topics we will discuss during the session and will include links to supporting readings.


Discuss the Honor Code

what we expect of each other


Look at your subtasks

be prepared to discuss items you see in these newsletters with us all each class session

your starters will be a component of your value added to class experience grade

each subtask will be a sub-component of one of your six major tasks for the semester.

for task 01, you will complete the first few subtasks by sending me an email. This will not necessarily be the model for subtasks beyond subtask 01.02.


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