Subtask 01.07: Whois

Use a Web-based Whois tool for this task.

Please find out who owns the domain name associated with one of the mailing lists you signed up for

Use any tool to capture a screenshot of the data you want, then paste the captured image into a file of some sort. It could be a .doc file, a .rtf file, a .ppt file; it just needs to be a file that can hold the image. If you can save the image as a .jpg or any other image format, that would suffice as well. I just need to be able to download it.

After you have saved the file on your client, FTP it into your password-protected directory, from where I will retrieve it.


be certain to capture the following information

  • the name of the list you are looking for [for instance, if you were looking for Gary Price's newsletter, you would look for]
  • who the registrant is [name and mailing address]


Send me an email telling me the filename where I can find this information.

We will continue in our practice of using a consistent file naming convention. Use this file naming convention as a standard for all documents you turn in as an email attachment or as a file I can download from your web space. It will remain constant throughout the course. Armed with this file name and the name of your password protected folder from a previous subtask, I can seek out your stored work.


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