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These sources provide up-to-date and often cutting-edge information on vaccine research and important views and analysis of public health issues and vaccines and immunizations. The first two journals were chosen as excellent sources because they frequently have well-written and authoritative articles on this topic, and the third journal was chosen because of it is an essential journal for information on vaccines and immunizations.


American Journal of Public Health. New York: American Public Health Association. Shelved alphabetically by title. UNC Health Sciences Library, basement floor.

This is a particularly unique and useful source for articles on immunization and vaccines because it focuses on research, research methods, and program evaluation in public health and has important articles on health policy as it relates to immunization and vaccines.


The Lancet. London: J. Onwhyn, 1823- .

Available via UNC-CH Librariesí E-Journals list at:

 The Lancet is a much respected British medical journal published weekly.  It often publishes articles on immunization and vaccines, and these articles are often written with a broader audience in mind, and they are usually well-written to boot.  Very important source for information on immunization and global health in particular.  


Vaccines. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1985- .

Available via UNC-CH Librariesí E-Journals list at:

Although the articles in this journal are written for an expert community, some of them are written for a broader audience, especially the one concerning immunizations and public health, and therefore this journal is a useful and essential source of current and authoritative information and research.. 

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