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The Golden Age of Hollywood: 1930s - 1940s

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The following bibliographies and indexes are useful in leading the researcher through the abundance of film information. Each source lists books, articles, reviews and other resources related to a specific topic.

Armour, Robert A. Film, a reference guide. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1980.
  • Contains bibliographic essays on various aspects of film including the history of film, film criticism, major actors and directors, reference works, and journals.
  • Davis (PN1993.45 .A75)
    Undergraduate Library Reference (PN1993.45 .A75)
Film Bibliographies. Media Resources Center, University of California at Berkeley.
  • This website provides an exceptional set of bibiliographies on various film topics, genres, eras, national cinemas, specific directors, and individual films.

Film Index International, 1930 - 1998. Paris: Chadwyck-Healey France, 1998.

  • Based on databases compiled by the British Film Institute, this CD-ROM contains details of over 90,000 entertainment films dating back to the major silent filmmakers. Also contains biographical information and filmographies for approximately 38,000 personalities. The records are generously hyperlinked, and most include annotated references to reviews and articles from periodicals published internationally.
  • Davis Ref Electronic Resource CD-ROM (Serial 10-182)
Gerlach, John C. The Critical Index: A Bibliography of Articles on Film in English, 1946-1973. New York: Teachers College Press, 1974.
  • Indexes articles from over 20 American, British, and Canadian journals on directors, producers, actors, critics, screenwriters, cinematographers, specific films and the history of the film industry.
  • Davis Reference (Z5784.M9 G47)
    Undergraduate Library Reference (Z5784.M9 G47)
Hanson, Patricia K., and Stephen L. Hanson. Film Review Index. 2 vols. Phoenix: Oryx,1997.
  • With Volume 1 covering the period 1882-1949 and Volume 2 covering 1950-1985, the Film Review Index is provides a retrospective bibliography of articles about specific films, which are of highest interest to researchers and students. All articles, chapters and book citations listed under each film in the FRI deal primarily with that film either as a review, as history, or as critical commentary.
  • Davis Reference Row 17 (Z5784.M9 F513 1986)
Manchel, Frank. Film Study: An Analytical Bibliography. Rutherford: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press; London: Associated University Presses, 1990.
  • A comprehensive four volume set which includes references to books and articles on the teaching and study of cinema through a study of representative genres, stereotypes, themes, comparative media, periods, and film history.
  • Davis (Z5784.M9 M34 1990)
Rehrauer, George. The Macmillan Film Bibliography. New York: Macmillan, 1982.
  • A two volume set which lists brief reviews of over 6,700 English language film books arranged alphabetically by title. The separate volume index has subject, author and script access.
  • Davis (Z5784.M9 R423 1982)
    UL Reference (Z5784.M9 R423 1982)
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