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Timeline & Results : Phase III

Timeframe: months 19-23; January 2004 - May 2004


In phase III, we will be constructing best practices manuals that will outline:

  1. the types of e-mail systems, desktop applications, and system administration found at the institutions studied in this project;
  2. the types of offices/departments and employees at the campuses studied; and
  3. the range of current desktop records management practices of the study participants.

Following this summarized presentation of our study findings, the UNC manual will propose best desktop practices for university faculty, administrators, and staff in accord with the N.C. Public Records Law. This section will relate specifically to N.C. law but will also illustrate generalizable records management and archival principles and good practices that should be useful in other states and types of agencies. These guidelines should not only improve appraisal, management, and disposition of public records, but should also help employees organize their personal e-mail and electronic files. A modified version of this manual will be produced reflecting the needs of Duke, a private institution that does not function under the NC Public Records Law.



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