INLS 582_001, Systems Analysis

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Textbooks and Readings
The SILS lab staff frequently update software options, so information in this section may change. If you know about other software that would be helpful for this class, please let me know!

You will need a graphics tool for drawing models.

Microsoft Visio provides templates for the UML models we'll be drawing, as well as many other useful features. It is available through the SILS lab for all students registered for the class. If you are unfamiliar with Visio, you may find the Microsoft Office Online Training for Visio helpful.

As long as they have the required elements for each model, you may use other drawing tools, such as:
All assignments, including models, must be submitted as pdf files. Files in other formats will not be accepted. Be sure you acquire the tool in plenty of time for your homework assignments!

SILS IT services
Microsoft Office Online Training

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