INLS 582_001, Systems Analysis

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Assignment Summary

Individual Team Projects

Instructions for each assignment are in the Assignments section of the course Sakai site.

Individual Assignments
Assignment Assigned Date Due Date Grade Contribution
Problem Definition 1/23/14 2/6/14 10% of final grade
Work Models 2/20/14 3/6/14 20% of final grade
Entity-Relation Model 3/25/14 4/3/14 10% of final grade
Lead Case Study (CS) Discussion CS 1: 1/9/14

CS 2-4: 1/23/14

Points Due
CS 11/14/141/16/14
CS 23/4/143/6/14
CS 33/25/143/27/14
CS 44/15/144/17/14

Note that leader questions and discussion points are due by 5pm on the day of the class prior to the discussion.

Contributes to your class participation grade.

Team Projects

Assignment Due Date Grade Contribution
Submit project preferences 2/7/14
Team formation 2/11/14
Information gathering plan 2/25/14 10% of final grade
Team mid-term evaluation meeting Week of 3/3-7/14
Draft models 1 3/20/14 Ungraded
Determine Schedule for Presentations 3/25/14
Draft models 2 4/8/14 Ungraded
Presentations to class 4/22 or 4/24 10% of final grade
Final specifications 4/29/14, due by 4pm 25% of final grade
Team evaluations 4/29/14, due by 4pm

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