User Education

Course Schedule Fall 2013

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Aug 20
Welcome & introductions

Job descriptions

Course overview, expectations & input

Lecture slides [pptx]

Aug 22
Definitions of library instruction

Current state of library instruction

History of library instruction

Lecture slides [pptx]

  • Booth, C.
  • (2011). Chapter 1: Teaching Effectiveness. In Reflective teaching, effective learning: Instructional literacy for library educators (pages 3-15). Chicago: American Library Association.
Discuss Instruction Observation Review & Reflection Assignment (due by Nov. 14)

Discuss class discussion leader assignment & expectations (you need to sign up for 1 reading).

Intro/overview of user education

User Education timeline

Aug 27
No Class

Aug 29

Lecture slides [pptx]

Discuss Instruction Experience Project and begin thinking of opportunities Guest speaker: Andreas Orphanides (Dre)
Librarian for Digital Technologies and Learning Research and Information Services at NCSU
Sept 3
Information literacy

Lecture slides [pptx]

  • Palmer, C.
  • (2011). This I believe...all libraries should be teaching libraries. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 11(1), 575-582.

Sept 5
Information Literacy continued Lecture slides [pptx]

Map learning outcomes to ACRL standards
Sept 10
Learning and Learning theory
Lecture slides [pptx]
This entire volume is introduces the construct of possible selves and its potential applications in the field of adult education. Please read the first two pieces for class - but some of the other articles might be of particular interest to you.

Recommended / future reading:

Brief chat with Cathy Palmer, Head of Education and Outreach, University of California, Irvine Libraries Discuss Teaching Philosophy assignment (due Sept 26)

Sept 12
Learning and Learning theory continued

Erin Holmes with join us for a few minutes to talk about the Community Workshop Series

Sept 17
Learning and Learning theory continued
Lecture slides

Sept 19
Evidence based library and information practice

Learning Styles

Lecture slides
Discussion leader:
Meredith Lewis

EBP: what does it entail?

Learning styles self-quiz in class
VAC Quiz

Discuss context description and needs assessment component of instruction project (due Oct 22)

Sept 24
Instructional design and teaching
Lecture slides
Discussion leader:
Jessica McAdams

Discuss instructional technology PechaKucha presentations

Sept 26
Instructional design and teaching continued
  • Pugh, L.
  • (2003). Chapter 2: What we need to know about learners, pages 11-27. Practical training techniques. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

  • Pugh, L.
  • (2003). Chapter 3: What we need to know about content, pages 29-47. Practical training techniques. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

DUE:Teaching Philosophy Statement

Please bring a hardcopy to class

Guest speaker via Skype: Char Booth, Instruction Services Manager and E-Learning librarian at the Claremont Colleges Library, CA Discuss Information technology 

Oct 1
Instructional design and teaching continued

Oct 3
Teaching Wiggins, G. P. (2005). Understanding by design (Expanded 2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Video presentations by Grant Wiggins:
Guest speaker: Jonathan McMichael, Undergraduate Experience Librarian, UNC

Oct 8
Presentation skills, visual display of information, audience response systems, online tutorials, print handouts, and more

Lecture slides

  • King, S.B., King, M., & Rothwell, W.J. (2001). Chapter 7: Demonstrating effective presentation skills, pages 167-203. The complete guide to training delivery: A competency-based approach. New York: American Management Association.
Discussion leader for King, King & Rothwell: Robert Correll

Introduce Tuning Protocol and Critical Friends

Oct 10


  • Arends, R.I. & Kilcher, A. (2010). Chapter 3: Motivation and student learning, pages 55-76. Teaching for student learning: Becoming an accomplished teacher. New York: Routledge.

Oct 15
Assessment and evaluation

Lecture slides

  • Durrance, J.C. & Fisher, K.E.
  • (2003). Determining how libraries and librarians help. Library Trends 51(4), 541-570.
  • Handout: ACRL Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices
  • Handout: Example from University of Kansas Libraries on how instruction librarians are assessed
  • Tuning Protocol for Critical Friends feedback structure

Oct 17 No Class: Fall Break

Oct 22

Instructional Technology

Lecture slides

Watch an English 333 instruction session conducted by Kim Duckett in Elluminate (sign in as guest with your email address and name) recordingId=1261501469650_1314830037653

DUE: Instruction Experience Context desicription and needs assessment

Elluminate/BBCollaborate demo and practice 

Please bring your laptop to class today

Critical Friends Forum: Instruction Experience
Oct 24
Innovation and creativity in instruction

Lecture slides

  • Heath, C., & Heath, D. (2007). Made to stick : Why some ideas survive and others die. New York: Random House. Introduction 3-24; Chapter 3 Concrete 98-129.
Discussion leader:
Jonathan Rountree

Oct 29
Partnerships in learning
  • Meulemans, Y.N. & Carr, A. (2013). Not at your service: Building genuine faculty-librarian partnerships. Reference Services Review, 41(1), 80-90.

DUE: Instruction Experience learning objectives and design plan

Discussion leader:
Nicole Downing

Oct 31
Facilitating student participation
  • King, S.B., King, M., & Rothwell, W.J.
  • (2001). Chapter 8: Demonstrating effective questioning skills and techniques, pages 205-231. The complete guide to training delivery: A competency-based approach. New York: American Management Association.
Discussion leader:
Barbara Kaplan

Nov 5
Presentation practice

Nov 7
Contexts outside the library classroom

Lecture slides [.pptx]

  • Mages, W. & Garson, D.S.
  • (2010). Get the cite right: Design and evaluation of a high-quality online citation tutorial. Library & Information Science Research, 32 (2), 138-146

Recommended reading:
  • Interpretation reading recommendation: Ham, S. (1992). Environmental interpretation: A practical guide for people with big ideas and small budgets. Golden, CO: North American Press
  • National Association for Interpretation provides standards for interpretive methods and other ideas for interpretors

Instructional Technology Presentation: Concept Mapping
Jessica McAdams

Instructional Technology Presentation: MOOCs
Meredith Lewis

Nov 12
  • Harker, E.
  • (2000). Learning about learning. Health Information and Libraries Journal, 26 (2), 156-160
Discussion leader:
Laura Pavlech

Instructional Technology Presentation: Qualtrics (at UNC)
Laura Pavlech

Instructional Technology Presentation: Poll Everywhere
Jonathan Rountree

Nov 14
Catch up

Due: Instruction Observation Review & Reflection Assignment

Guest speaker: Donna Bailey Teaching and Learning Consultant in the UNC Center for Faculty Excellence

User Education Jeopardy!

Instructional Technology Presentation: Many Eyes
Robert Correll

Nov 19
User Education in archives and special collections

Lecture slides [.pptx]

  • Yakel, E.
  • (2002). Listening to users. Archival Issues, 26(2), 111-127.

In-class instruction delivery: Jonathan Rountree

Instructional Technology Presentation: Wix
Barbara Kaplan

Look at primary source literacy and education; health information education; helpdesk support and training
Nov 21
Communication and outreach

Library Communications, Outreach and Public Relations Extravaganza!


Judy Panitch, Director of Library Communications, UNC Chapel Hill

David Hiscoe, Director of Communications Strategy, NCSU Libraries

Aaron Welborn, Director of Communications, Duke University Liraries

Nov 26
User Education in archives and special collections

Lecture slides [.pptx]

Discuss self-evaluation on instruction experience assignment (due Dec 5)

Discuss revision of teaching philosophy statement (Due Dec 10)

In-class instruction delivery: Barbara Kaplan

No Class: Thanksgiving Break

Dec 3
Last day of class

Lecture slides [.pptx]

Due: Self-evaluation on instruction experience

Due by Dec 10: Polished version of teaching philosophy statement

Parting thoughts on librarianship and instruction

User Education JEOPARDY! [.pptx]