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Research Positions with current funding and number of positions

Positions that possibly have funding for next year
Information Visualization of Annotations on a Large Scale, 1 GRA
User Interface Design for Scholarly Communications (NeoRef) 1 GRA

Positions I've recently recruited for
Center for Digital Libraries (CRADLE) 2 GRAs
Information Seeking Behavior Survey of Scientists (NLM), 1 GRA
Annotations (Ochiltree), 1 GRA
Survey of Science Data Repositories (Ochiltree), 1 GRA
EPA Environmental Bioinformatics Librarian Training Program (CEBRC), 1-2 GRAs
HSL Informatics Librarian Training Program (joint with Genome Center), 1 GRA
Personal Health Record Interfaces 1 GRA
Workflow Models of Bioinformatics Scientists and Laboratories (RENCI), 1 GRA

To apply for, or find out more information on any of these research positions, send email to Brad Hemminger.

Other research positions (currently no funded positions)
Medical Informatics
Ultrastructure (novel Database notational system)
Virseum Virtual Environments
Electronic Theses and Dissertations