» CEBRC Environmental Bioinformatics Fellowships

The Carolina Environmental Bioinformatics Research Center (CEBRC) is one of two nationwide centers established by the EPA in the area of environmental bioinformatics. One of the projects in this center is the Public Outreach and Translational Activities (POTA), which is directed by Dr. Bradley Hemminger of the School of Information and Library Science. In conjunction with the EPA library in the Triangle, Dr. Hemmminger has established a training program for environmental librarians, modeled after the existing, very successful, EPA library training program. CEBRC librarians receive the same training as the EPA librarians during their first year, and then become specialized support librarians for the CEBRC project during their second year. They act as virtual librarians, developing resources and supporting not just for the researchers in CEBRC, but the EPA, the public, and congressional policy makers. This program is unique in the nation, and provides a truly outstanding experience. CEBRC fellowships are awarded on an annual basis and carry a stipend of $20,000.