Gary Marchionini

Gary, speaking


HCI and AI: Keeping the Human in Control. Keynote at the ASIS&T Asia-Pacific Regional Conference. December 12-13, 2020, Wuhan University (Virtual).


Library Science, Information Science, and Data Science (LIDS): The Many-Featured Elephant in the Fable of iSchool Evolution. Invited Talk to Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the University of North Texas Department of Information Science. November 8, 2019.


Socio-Technical Challenges and Impacts of Data. 41st iSpeaker Distinguished Lecture. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Seoul, South Korea. November 28, 2018.

iSchools as Crucible: Melding public good, technical efficiency, and knowledge. International Council on Knowledge Management (ICKM 2018), Vancouver, BC Canada. November 9, 2018.

Information Science Roles in Data Science. FEIS - International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Science, Pisa, Italy. September 11, 2018.

Data and Information Social Impact. Association of Data, Information, and Society. Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, July 4-6, 2018.


Open Access Data Publishing Challenges and Limitations. The International Symposium on Open Data and Innovation: Vision and Practice. National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. July 14, 2017.

SMART Series: The Role of Data Analytics in Revolutionizing the Energy Market. RTP Headquarters. November 2, 2017.

Information Seeking and Learning. Tsurumi University, Yokohama-City, Japan. January 21, 2017.

Data Science and Information Science: A Human-Centric View. NII National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan. January 19, 2017.


Information Science 2020. Keynote for the Fourth International Symposium and Workshop on Library and Information Science in the Digital Age. Wuhan University, October 26, 2015.

Information Science Practice and Education. Invited talk: Pontifica Universidad Catholica De Chile, Santiago, Chile, August 12, 2015.


Information Services in the Digital Age. Keynote for the International Conference on Information Acquisition and Knowledge Services. Nanjing University, October 10, 2014.

Human-Computer Information Retrieval: Gaps, Overloads, and Sensemaking. School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, Indianapolis, February 14, 2014.

Libraries and Literacies: From I to We. Keynote for the Libraries in the Digital Age Conference, Zadar, Croatia, June 16, 2014.


Research Data Stewardship: Ensuring Data Quality to Enable New Science in i-Schools. School of Information Management, Wuhan University, April 15, 2013.


21st Century Scholarly Publishing Challenges: Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice. Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), October 15, 2012.


Toward Participatory Digital Libraries. Keynote for the International Conference on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Organization, Gurgaon, India. February 14, 2011.

Proflections in Cyberspace: A new kind of information Palmer School Spring Lecture (LIU) March 29, 2011

People, Culture, and 21st Century Libraries: The Ranganathan Lectures. Three lectures presented February 17-19, 2011, Bangalore, India. Part 1: The Transformation of Libraries as Institutions--Physical-Digital Hybrids; Part 2: Humans as Information Creators, Collectors, Consumers, and Communicators; Part 3: Libraries of People and their State Changes. (Monograph Forthcoming)


Toward Participatory Digital Libraries. Invited talk: International Symposium on the Transformation and Innovation of Library and Information Science, Nov. 16-17, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan


Digital Libraries as Phenotypes for Digital Societies. Keynote: European Conference on Digital Libraries,September 29, 2009, Corfu, Greece.

Toward Information Seeking Support Systems. National Science Foundation, May 18, 2009.


Understanding Human Information Interaction. Simmons College, Boston, September 15, 2008.

Exploratory Search: Getting Beyond Known Item Retrieval. Singapore Management University, Singapore, July 17, 2008.

Digital Video: From Digital Libraries to Social Interaction The Mary Junck Research Colloquium Series, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UNC-CH, April 17, 2008. See also Video Version

The Open Video Digital Library: The Challenge of Transition from Test Bed to Sustainable Library Texas A&M Digital Humanities Lecture Series, February 1, 2008


Beyond Basic Search University of Illinois Department of Computer Science CS Colloquium, September 10, 2007

Toward Personal Health Record Usability National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, June 13, 2007

Digital Video: From Digital Libraries to Social Interaction The Mary Junck Research Colloquium Series, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UNC-CH, April 17, 2008. See also Video Version

Toward Multimedia Surrogates LACASIS 2006 Contributions in Information Science & Technology Award Lecture. Los Angeles, January 11, 2007. (see YouTube Video version of this talk given at UNC)


HCI to HII (HCC): From Limen to Ligature Workshop on Human-Centered Computing National Science Foundation, September 7-8, 2006

User Interfaces and Public Information Spaces US EPA Web Workgroup Conference Research Triangle Park, NC, March 14, 2006

Personal Health Record Usability National Cancer Institute Informatics In Action Lecture--Complexity Made Simple: The Science of Search Interfaces, March 2, 2006 (see NCI Informatics Lecture for a YouTube Video version of this talk)

Toward Multimedia Surrogates LACASIS 2006 Contributions in Information Science & Technology Award Lecture. Los Angeles, January 11, 2007. (see YouTube Video version of this talk given at UNC)


Toward Human Computer Interaction 2005 Lazerow Lecture, University of Washington


Human Computer Information Retrieval Lecture at the MIT Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, November 12, 2004. See HCIR for a YouTube Video version of this talk)

Human-Computer Information Retrieval: Finding and Understanding What We Need, Department of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture, University of Toronto, September 30 ,2004.

From Information Retrieval to Information Interaction, Keynote Address to the 26th Annual European Conference on Information Retrieval, Sunderland, UK, April 5, 2004

The Open Video Project: Design and Evaluation Challenges 2004 Digital Library Colloquium Series University of Pittsburgh-Carnegie Mellon University April 16, 2004


How Fast is Too Fast? Evaluating Fast Forward Surrogates for Digital Video ACM/IEEE 4Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, May 29, 2003 (Talk for the Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award)


Dynamic Interfaces for Digital Libraries: The Open Video Project New Jersey ASIST Distinguished Lecture April 4, 2002


Design Through Integration: A Grand Challenge in Information Science ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture at Indiana University SLIS, November 9, 2001

E-Tables: Non-Specialist Use and Understanding of Statistical Data National Conference on Digital Government Research, May 22, 2001.


Augmenting Library Services: The Digital Library as Sharium Netspeed 2000 Keynote Address, Calgary Alberta, September 29, 2000.

Remarks on the launch of ibiblio September 11, 2000, UNC-Chapel Hill

Assessing Use of Electronic Resources: Access is not Enough American Library Association Library Research Round Table, July 8, 2000

Interfaces to Support Customized Views and Manipulation of Statistical Data International Conference on Establishment Surveys--II, Buffalo, June 20, 2000

The Sharium: A Distributed Learning Space American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Conference, Feb. 18, 2000


Supporting Citizen Access to Statistical Data: WWW Interfaces for Tables National Health Statistics Conference, Aug., 2, 1999

Expanding Library Services in the Digital Age: The Search for [Almost] Equilibrium Digital Library Federation Forum, July 17, 1999


The Baltimore Learning Community: An Evolving Sharium ASIS 98 Panel slides

Information Visualization Interfaces: The Alchemist's Workbench ASIS 98 Panel slides

Designing for End Users Online World 98 Conference slides

Focusing on the User Workshop on Knowledge Management Opportunities at the U.S. Department of Labor slides September 22, 1998

Dynamic Key Frame Presentation Techniques for Augmenting Video BrowsingAVI '98 slides

Can we build a sharium? Digital Library '98 panel slides

Digital Libraries and Digital Government: Challenges and Opportunities (NAL March 19 1998)

Teaching With Technology Symposium Keynote: Don't Let Technology Get in the Way of Your Teaching UMCP March 6, 1998