Ibn Batuta, the Arab Marco Polo

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Ibn Batutah. Rihlat Ibn Batutah al-Musamat: Tuhfat al-Nuzzar fi Ghara’ib al-Amsar. Beirut: Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyah, 1992.
Perkins 910.917671 I13 R572 1992
Commentary by editor Talal Harb.
Ibn Battuta. The Travels of Ibn Battuta. Beirut: Dar Sader/Dar Beirut, 1964.
Davis G370 .I2 1964a
Following the complete text of the book are a table of contents (also referred to as “Subject Index”), an index of places Ibn Batuta visited and an index of people he mentions.

Mosaic on the Omayed Mosque, Damascus

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