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Ibn Batuta, the Arab Marco Polo

Library of Congress Subject Headings and Uniform Title

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Information resources about Ibn Batuta have been categorized under all of the following subject headings. Searching the subject headings in the UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke catalog will also lead you to related sources on medieval travel, religious journeys, and more.

  • Ibn Batuta, 1304-1377.
  • Voyages and travels.
  • Travelers--Islamic Empire.
  • Middle East--Description and travel.
  • Africa, North--Description and travel.
  • Africa, Eastern--Description and travel.
  • Africa, West--Description and travel.
  • Islamic Empire--Description and travel.
  • Asia---Description and travel.
  • Turkey--Description and travel.
  • Pilgrims and pilgrimages.
  • India--Description and travel.
  • Sri Lanka--Description and travel.

NOTE: Be persistent in your searches! Many sources are indexed under spelling variations such as Ibn Battuta, Ibn Batutta, Ibn Battutah, and Ibn Batutah.

Uniform Title

Tuhfat al-nuzzar fi ghara'ib al-amsar wa-`aja'ib al-asfar.

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