INLS161-001 Spring 2022

Tools for Information Literacy

Protocols, but not all of them

We mentioned the basic protocols,
but there are other terms to know as well.

  1. TCP Transmission Control Protocol
  2. IP Internet Protocol
  3. and TCP/IP
  4. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the routing protocol for the Internet
  5. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an internet security service that allows users to access the Internet as though they were connected to a private network
  6. Public key encryption, or public key cryptography, is a method of encrypting data with two different keys and making one of the keys, the public key, available for anyone to use.
  7. Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, which is the primary protocol used to send data between a web browser and a website.
  8. and yet more

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