INLS777-001 Fall 2022

Perspectives on information, technology and people

13 September 2022  1230-1345

② watch presenter in Sakai calendar

Dr. Jenna Hartel on one of the important papers in the field we are considering.

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③ read presenter in Sakai calendar

A philosophical approach to sort of the same topic.

  1. “We are all tethered to our social worlds by invisible but steel strong wires.” by Maria Popova

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④ ponder presenter in Sakai calendar

Since we watched a discussion of Marcia Bates' paper, we might want to read it ourselves.

Bates, M. J. (1999). The invisible substrate of information science. Journal of the American society for information science, 50(12), 1043-1050.

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⑤ listen presenter in Sakai calendar


Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi (born 22 September 1952 in Highfield, Harare; died 23 January 2019) is an award-winning Zimbabwean musician, composer and guitarist. He is widely regarded as the most celebrated performer in the country's history. From the Wikipedia entry ...

With his husky voice, he has become the most recognized voice to emerge from Zimbabwe and onto the international scene and he has earned a devoted following across Africa and beyond. A member of Zimbabwe's KoreKore tribe, Nzou Samanyanga as his totem, he sings in the nation's dominant Shona language along with Ndebele and English. He also incorporates elements of different musical traditions, giving his music a distinctive style, known to fans as "Tuku Music" ...
Unlike Mapfumo, Mtukudzi has refrained from directly criticizing the repressive government of President Robert Mugabe, perhaps because he still lives in the country. However, some of his most emotive hits prodded the aging authoritarian ruler, including "Ndakuvara," which bemoans the political violence engineered by Mugabe's ZANU-PF party and "Wasakara (You Are Getting Old)," which most Zimbabweans took as a direct plea for Mugabe to retire.

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⑥ an unanswered question

Finally, at least one time per session, you all are offered the opportunity to put me on the spot.

What is the "one big question" that the readings posed, but did not answer?

If I can't come up with an answer immediately, I will research it and have it for you at the subsequent session.

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