INLS777-001 Fall 2022

Perspectives on information, technology and people

30 August 2022  1100-1215

The Band's Visit

We will watch a movie together today

Let's begin by learning something we didn't know we didn't know.

① info world

We will start each session with one of us standing before the assembled group and introducing us to an "information world" that they are familiar with, but one that may well be new to the rest of us.

This will be voluntary: there will be no one necessarily assigned to do this weekly, though we hope everyone would want to share of themselves by taking advantage of the opportunity.

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② watch together in class

The Band's Visit

The eight men of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrive in Israel from Egypt. They have been booked by an Arab cultural center in Petah Tikva, but through a miscommunication (Arabic has no "p" sound, and regularly replaces it with "b"), the band takes a bus to Beit Hatikva, a fictional town in the middle of the Negev Desert.

We will watch it all, together, in it's entirety.

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③ read

No readings for this session.

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④ ponder

And no optional readings, either.

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