INLS161-001 Fall 2021

Tools for Information Literacy

Get some experience is setting up a workbook. It is very similar to what you did in task 03 with a document.

Still using your downloaded workbook ...

  1. Set up the 01-Format worksheet so that the appropriate header rows will display on each printed page.

That was a set up for one worksheet. Do the next four tasks for all the worksheets in the workbook.

  1. On all the worksheets together,
    use a footer to include your name on the left and the date on the right on each page in the workbook.
  2. On all the worksheets together,
    use a header to include the worksheet tab name centered and bold on the top of each printed page.
  3. On all the worksheets together,
    set the margins for 1 inch top and bottom, left and right, and .5 inches for header and footer
  4. On all the worksheets together,
    ensure that all pages are laid out in landscape orientation for printing on letter sized paper and that the page order is over, then down.

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