Class Session: Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Access: Database Lab

Take today to wrap up your RDBMS task

If anyone has questions that everyone might benefit from, we will demonstrate the answer for the class.

access lock imageMake sure you do not submit the temporary "locked" Access file

When you are working on your database file, Access creates a second temporary file with the .laccdb extension (l is for locked). This file cannot be opened if you submit it. Submit the one without the l. The locked Access icon has a little lock on it, and it can be hard to notice when the icon sizes are very small. The submitted file extension should only read as .accdb

When you close access, that locked file disappears. Make sure that you do not post that locked file. The instructor cannot use that file to grade your project. Close down Access before you submit your file and you will not accidentally submit the wrong file.

	yes: lastname.firstname.accdb
	 no: lastname.firstname.laccdb (l is for locked)

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opal login: ssh
opal password: ONYEN password


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