INLS161-001 Fall 2018


This class does not have any exams, but there are tasks to do and there will be an in-class final task to do during the date and hours of the final exam. Grades are based on the value you add to your peers learning in class and on the results of your completion of six tasks. Each task will focus on the topic listed in the chart below, but each succeeding task will build on the skills learned in the ones which come prior to it.

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This will be a performance-oriented class

Your grade will be determined by the proficiency you show on six tasks. Though they are graded evaluations, they are also good learning experiences and can also be fun to do.

task worth due by
value added 10% daily
basics 10% Wednesday, 10 Sep 2018
web development 25% Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018
document markup 15% Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018
spreadsheets 15% Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018
relational databases 15% Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018
presentations 10% Monday, 10 Dec 2018

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Due dates

Pay attention to the due dates. Tasks should be turned in by the end of the day they are due. Deadlines are listed for your time management purposes; there is no automatic loss of points for lateness. The only exception is the final task which must be turned on time because this task takes the place of a final exam.

If circumstances render you unable to turn in a task on time, you may negotiate a new, later, delivery date with me. If you negotiate a new delivery date and meet it, you will suffer no negative consequences. If you do not negotiate a new delivery date with me, or if you miss your negotiated date, you run the risk that I will not have time enough to give your submission its due consideration. You always have the opportunity to discuss any circumstances that conspire to hinder your ability to turn in an assignment on time.

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