Generate a Shelf List Report

Create a Shelf List Report

so the volunteers can tell where to shelve the books. The books will be shelved by their Library of Congress number. We also want to know how many books we have in stock and how much each one costs.

Using the report wizard, create a report that shows:
  1. the name of each book in the library
  2. the shelf number of each book
  3. the total number of each title we have
  4. and the retail price of each book

Sort by the Library of Congress number of the book

Use a tabular layout

Change the title of the above report to make it more descriptive

At the end of the report, include a count of the total number of book titles in the library

  • do not total the number of books in stock, just the number of different titles
  • give it the label Number of Book Titles
  • left-align this label with the left-most column in the report

Make certain that the report will print on an standard letter-sized, portrait orientation page without extending past the printable areas of the page to the right.


General Appearance of Reports

Pay attention to the professional appearance of all reports. Feel free to change field headings in the report so that they look more professional and are more descriptive.