Basic & Theoretical Considerations

Dilbert strip, 03 April 2007

Doing the presentation

Try out your presentation in advance

  • check to see if the timings of the transitions and animations will work for the audience
  • pay particular attention to how much time it takes for animations to occur
  • remember that most audiences do not have a lot of time to spend waiting for things to happen

The eye can see and understand concepts very quickly.
The quicker your presentation can get in,
make a positive impression,
and get out,
the better off you will be.


Key principles to consider

  • focus on the audience's needs and build your visuals to conform to their expectations and your message
  • simple and effective is preferable to complex and confusing


Rules to live by

Hammer it home

  1. tell them what you're going to tell them
  2. tell them
  3. tell them what you told them

Less is More

Dilbert cartoon from 03 Mar 2009


Thoughts on the role of visual elements in communication

Watch it on your own.