You can create a stand-alone presentation that will incorporate all the animations, sounds, and narrations you include in it and can run automatically, even if you are not present.

And remember ...

We will be physically present when the presentations are shown. But after the presentations, I will look at your files to see what you did, so be certain that everything you post on your site is downloadable and viewable on a standard Windows laptop.

One more thing ...

You have an evaluation to do

Carolina Course Evaluation

Course evaluations will be handled by a system called Class Climate. Everything - from email reminders to data compilation - will be done through Class Climate. You can expect to see that evaluations will go out during the second to last week of classes. From there Class Climate will handle the rest; it will notify and remind students that they must complete their evaluations. Evaluations will end by the end of finals.

SILS Teaching Evaluation

As part of the Class Climate course evaluation process at the end of the semester, SILS has its own additional evaluation questionnaire for its courses. This questionnaire was originally developed by ILSSA. The questions are open-ended and allow you to provide more specific comments about each course. The responses to these questionnaires are aggregated and then distributed to the instructor for the course. They are intended solely for the instructor to improve this particular course or his/her teaching in general. In order to serve that purpose, we need to hear from each of you.

You may complete this form at your leisure, but it would also be very appropriate for you to complete it in class on the last scheduled session.