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Display your ability with spreadsheet tools


You are to download and modify several existing worksheets to make them a more useful product. To be specific, these worksheets are the 2013-2014 Annual Statistical Report of North Carolina Public Libraries, published by the North Carolina State Library. While all 80 public library systems returned their annual report form, not all items on each form were filled out. Data element fields that were left blank or were reported as N/A are generally entered as zero. Tables 1 through 13 and the five-year statewide summary table are available below in Excel and Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

The task will require you to construct a workbook that can be used both as an electronic spreadsheet and as a paper product, capable of being easily used by a busy executive. The final workbook will include:

18 worksheets, each containing statistical data (numerical and/or textual) about North Carolina public library systems

You are to modify 12 worksheets in some fashion to make them more useful both as an electronic and as a paper product. You will also create two additional worksheets to show your facility with functions and sub-totals.

Some worksheets will be modified specifically to make the data in them more visible. This may include converting data already in the worksheet to different kinds of data; may include using one or more of the tools to manipulate the data; or may include using your formatting skills to tidy up some spreadsheet inefficiencies.

You will also create several charts based on the worksheets and add these charts to the workbook.

If you are interested, you can look at the original location where the worksheets were located. However, use the preformatted version for your work.

Everything in this task is something we will have demonstrated and/or tried in class.



There are several different commercial spreadsheet software applications, and you may use the one of your choice. However, I will have to be able to open the file using either MSOffice or OpenOffice.

You may work alone on this task, or you may work in groups. If you choose to work in a group, follow the same guidance as we did for task 03.



It should meet the standards laid out on the task 04 gradesheet.

Everything on that gradesheet will be analogous to something we will have done in class.

Save the finished product using the standard file name structure for this class.

I have posted an approximate example that should provide some visual guidance for the task.

You do not have to follow the design of this example (it doesn't conform exactly to your current task), but you would do well to follow the guidance in it.