Pulling all the parts together

Dilbert PPT cartoon on 20100222

Narrate your slides and add timing to make them run in a stand alone mode

record your narration and timing

This will permit you to set up a PowerPoint self-running presentation to show if you are unable to do the presentation in person

have your animation appear when you call for it

You will not be able to show your hidden slides, but you can have all your slides show for as long as you want them to show, and you can control the timing of animations as you do the narration

Package all your linked files into a single folder for stand alone presentation

pull together all elements into a CD

Though the tool suggests you create a CD, you can pull all the elements of a presentation into a specific file instead

pull together all elements into a file, step 01 pull together all elements into a file, step 02

How-to and comments are on today's slides