To prepare yourselves for the networks session

But to prepare your password protected directory, download this placeholder page, save it to your client, and then FTP it into your newly created password protected directory.

on Local Area Networks

read these sections of How Ethernet Works by Nick Pidgeon in How Stuff Works (they are short, so you can read more if you wish)

  1. Introduction to How Ethernet Works
  2. Why Network?
  3. Local Area vs. Wide Area
  4. The Ethernet
  5. Ethernet Basics
  6. Ethernet Terminology
  7. Ethernet Medium

on The Internet, a network of networks

Read these sections of How Internet Infrastructure Works by Jeff Tyson in How Stuff Works [they are short]

  1. Introduction to How Internet Infrastructure Works
  2. A Hierarchy of Networks
  3. A Network Example
  4. Bridging The Divide
  5. Backbones
  6. Internet Protocol: IP Addresses
  7. Internet Protocol: Domain Name System
  8. Uniform Resource Locators
  9. A DNS Example
  10. Clients and Servers
  11. Ports