We'll use a broad range of resources during this course. These include:

  • Sakai: We will use Sakai in this course to assign and submit programming assignments, return grades, share lecture notes, and provide access to other class resources. Sakai is not really an "external" resource since it is a UNC system, but it is separate from this website. Please be sure that you can access the Sakai site for this course. You can reach Sakai by visiting https://www.unc.edu/sakai/.

  • Visio Model Drawing Software: You will need a graphics tool for drawing models for several assignments. Microsoft Visio provides templates for the UML models we'll be drawing, as well as many other useful features. It is also available for free to students enrolled in this class. Click here to learn more, or contact the SILS IT Help Desk.

  • Alternatives to Visio: As long as you can draw have the required elements for each model in your assigments, you may use any drawing tool you wish. Visio is recommended (and free to use for this course), but not required. LucidChart is an online alternative which provides free accounts for students. Other potential alternatives include Omnigraffle, Microsoft Powerpoint (available through the SILS lab), Gliffy, NeoOffice Draw, Visual Paradigm, and InkScape.



    All assignments (group and individual) must be prepared and submitted electronically as PDF files. In addition, the assignment must have the required header on the first page. If that header is missing, points will be deducted from your assignment. For detailed instructions, including the required header, please refer to the "SubmittingAssignments.pdf" document posted to the Resources section of Sakai.

    All assignments must be submitted electronically via Sakai. Sakai will record the time of your submission, and the time recorded by Sakai will be used to determine if a submission was turned in on time. For group assignments, only one team member should submit the assignment to Sakai.