Web Editors - in general

As we have said repeatedly, one can use any text editor to write HTML. The HTML code produced with simpler programs is not different from the HTML produced by more complex editors.

More complex editors offer a number of advantages over simple text editors (especially in terms of being able to work in a GUI or WYSIWYG environment), but such advantages are not without costs (difficult to learn, add lots of extra code, may add proprietary information to your HTML).


We have been working with basic HTML code using a simple text editor

like Notepad or Notepad ++ for Windows

our home page code as seen in Notepad++

and TextWrangler for Mac.

this page's code as seen in TextWrangler


Some free editors offer the opportunity ...

... to work in a WYSIWYG (Normal) view, plus allow you to see the underlying HTML code for tweaking purposes

like Sea Monkey

our home page code as seen in SeaMonkey's design view

or Kompozer

our home page code as seen in Kompozer's design view

or Amaya from W3C

our home page code as seen in Amaya's dual design and code view


word processors offer the advantage of an interface you may already be familiar with

like MS Word

sample web page in MSWord

or OpenOffice

home page example in Open Office


sophisticated artistic and image manipulation tools are best for visual elegance

like Dreamweaver

our home page code as seen in Dreamweaver

We will look at all of these

you will discover the one that works best for you