INLS 582_002, Systems Analysis

INLS 582_002, Systems Analysis, Fall 2013

School of Information and Library Science

Vital statistics

Time: Thursday, 6:00-8:45pm
Place: 208 Manning Hall
Credits: 3 hours
Instructor: Andreas Orphanides
Office: (no on-campus office, sorry!)
Phone: 919-513-0303
Email: akorphan at
Office Hours: By appointment.

A note about instructor availability

Due to the vagaries of bus commuting, I won't be available immediately after class to answer questions. However, I will be available for about half an hour before each class (assuming the buses run in a timely manner). In addition, I am readily available by e-mail and will typically respond to questions submitted that way within a couple of hours during the day. Phone is NOT a reliable way to contact me.

If you have an issue that requires lengthier one-on-one discussion, we can set up a Skype call or, depending on availability, meet on a weekend. Please try me by e-mail first, however.

Course Description

This course will introduce the basic concepts underlying systems analysis, focusing on contextual inquiry/design and data modeling, and the application of those analysis techniques in the analysis and design of organizational information systems.

Course Objectives

  1. Develop an understanding of the role of information systems in modern organizations.
  2. Become familiar with a variety of information systems analysis and problem-solving tools and approaches.
  3. Gain practical experience with information systems analysis and design, working as part of a project team.
  4. Start to develop the skills needed in your professional career, such as working with clients and learning and applying new information technologies.