Table II-2-a-2

Notes on Courses or Sections of Courses with the Number of Students Enrolled Above 50

Fall 2000



Two undergraduate courses have large enrollments:  Internet and Information Access – 323 students; Information Environment – 65 students.


Our required core courses, LIS 505, an introductory courses that must be taken as each student’s first course.

California Los Angeles

Core section class – all entering students are enrolled.

Florida State

The over 50 data is potentially misleading because it contains enrollment data for web-based courses that do not use section numbers in a traditional manner.  Instead of using sections to indicate numbers of students in a classroom, here sections indicate routes of enrollment.


LIS 380, one of the two core courses, is required of all entering students.  A large lecture, team taught by two faculty, with 6 accompanying small discussions sections, ranging in size between 16 and 23, taught by doctoral students.


L401 lecture – section 7175 (57); L503 lecture – section 7181 (54) both courses have separate sections that accompany the lectures.

Kent State

Two sections with over 50 students enrolled are part of the core requirements; the third section is a distance-taught course which is teleconferenced to five sites.


2 of these courses are core/foundations courses required for all students; 2 courses are essential building block courses for many areas in the curriculum.


This course is a required for State Certification and is conducted via the Internet so the enrollments are large.


IS 0010 (74 & 77) required course for arts & sciences undergrad students; 0015 (57) Prerequisite course for upper level undergrad IS courses; 1000 (62) Course necessary for students in other school & IS program; 1004 (53) Popular undergraduate course; 1042 (56) Popular undergraduate course; 2000 (80) foundation course for IS graduate students; 2300 (86) Cognitive course for IS graduate program; LIS 2000 (51) required course for graduate LIS students.


501 – the orientation for new students, designed to fit all new students each semester; 502 – colloquium series, designed to accommodate all who register; 510 – designed to be a large lecture course.

San Jose

Special Studies courses.

South Carolina

Classes are televised.  J701 is offered in South Carolina and Maine.  J704 is one of the core courses, and J741 is required for South Carolina certification in School Library Media.


2 graduate courses:  Introduction to the Profession for all new graduate students; Integrated Management core course for graduate students in all 3 degree programs; 3 undergraduate courses.


2 undergraduate service courses (Children’s Literature); 1 graduate course in which all new students must enroll (Introduction to Information Studies).

Texas Woman’s

LS 3013 Literature for Children, undergraduate service course

Wisconsin – Madison

A core course (LIS 450) which is open to undergraduates and University special students to see if they wish to apply for the Graduate program.  This course mist be taken by all incoming students their first semester and is only offered in the Fall semester.

Wisconsin –  Milwaukee

The two sections are undergraduate courses.