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Originating in India, recent estimates indicate that yoga is now practiced by more than 18 million people in North America. As a form of exercise, yoga increases flexibility and strength but it also has a positive effect on the mind and body overall. Yoga may be practiced by people of any age and fitness level and has the potential to be a lifelong practice.

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There are many books about yoga but the following are three of my favorites. For more book titles go to Enter any one of these authors' names and you will retrieve not only their books but additional lists of books by a variety yoga instructors.

Vanda Scaravelli. Awakening the Spine. Harper Collins, 1991.
Vanda came to yoga after the age of 50 and continued the practice until she died at the age of 91. This book was the inspiration for beginning my yoga practice. It is simply and intelligently written and provides both an understanding of yoga and instructions for the basic postures or asanas.

Donna Farhi. Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living. Harper, 2003.
This book is about using yoga in your everyday life as a way of relating to yourself and the world around you. It does not contain any instructions on how to do the postures but it is very useful as a way of putting the practice of yoga in perspective.

Erich Schiffman. Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness. Pocket Books, 1996.
Erich's book is both a discussion of what yoga is all about and a detailed guide to the postures or "asanas". He has a very deep knowledge of yoga and the benefits that it can have for every aspect of life. Excerpts from the book may be found on Erich's Web site.

Cyndi Lee. Yoga Body, Buddha Mind. Riverhead Trade, 2004. This book provides a good overview of yoga practices and to links with the Buddhist tradition. There is also a helpful section with poses to use in a home pactice. Excerpts can be found here.

Music for Yoga and Meditation

Bija. Todd Norian.
Soft and deep background music for yoga and meditation. Listen for the sounding of the chakras.

Spirit of Yoga. Ben Leinbach.
A bit more lively than Bija with more melody. Better for yoga than meditation.

Canyon Trilogy. Carlos Nakai.
Beautiful Native American flute music that takes you closer to nature.

Guyatri Mantra. Hein Braat
Students often ask me about this deeply resonant chant. The chanter is a German, Hein Braat. I had to order my copy from the UK, but there is now a source in the US. I find this works best for meditation rather than yoga.

Poetry and Yoga

I read a poem or reading at the end of every class. Among my favorite poets are Danna Faulds, Mary Oliver and Rumi. Some of the poetry collections by Roger Housden also contain poems that link to the themes we explore in yoga. You can find books by these authors on Amazon. Since Danna Faulds is a favorite, I have provided a link for her first book entitled "Going In and In" follows. She has others too. If you prefer not to buy from Amazon there is also a link to Todd Norian's site below. You can buy his CD Bija there as well as Faulds' books and others.

Danna Faulds. Go In and In.

Todd Norian. Books.

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