About the NHPRC Electronic Records Research Program

The NHPRC Electronic Records Research Program, sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science, Duke University Libraries, and UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries, intends to offer four $15,000 fellowships in 2006 to advance the state of knowledge in electronic records. Archival professionals, or groups of professionals and academics, are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to pursue their research interests in any aspect of electronic recordkeeping.

Strong ideas are more important than fully-framed proposals for this program, which offers mentoring to those who wish to improve their skills in research and proposal-writing. Applicants who would like help developing their ideas should contact tibbo@ils.unc.edu, pconway@umich.edu, or tim.pyatt@duke.edu

Purpose and Goals

The primary purpose of this program is to facilitate both basic and applied research regarding all aspects of electronic records. More fundamentally, it is designed to support broad participation in the research process among archival practitioners and collaboration between archivists and academics.

The goals of the program are:

•  to continue and enhance the non-residential fellowship program to encourage research in the archival practitioner community successfully established by the Boston Consortium, 2001-2004;

•  to increase interest in the NHPRC Research Fellowship and archival research by focusing projects on electronic records and providing a strong mentoring component associated with leading academic institutions and archival researchers;

•  to foster collaborative research among academics and practitioners throughout the archival community;

•  to foster and support archival practitioners in the conduct of electronic records research;

•  to increase the body of electronic records research;

•  to press for the wide dissemination of the results of Fellows' work by requiring public presentation and working with participants to turn these presentations into publications;

•  to develop a Web resource center for archival researchers.

Friday, October 27, 2006

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