Davidson County Public Library--North Carolina's First County Public Library

October 23, 1928

Lexington Library 1929  Old Snack Shop Bldg

Display Window 1930s

Lexington Library opened October 23, 1928 on West Second Avenue in the building that is today the old Snack Shop Building. Davidson County was one of the first NC libraries to offer bookmobile service throughout the county to all residents. The first bookmobile purchased in 1929 is pictured in front of the West Second Avenue location.

October 23,1928

West Second Avenue   West Second Avenue

The Lexington Woman's Club and the Thomasville Woman's Club worked together to found North Carolina's first county public library system. The Woman's Club of Lexington oversaw the establishment  of the 2nd Avenue facility.   Miss Lilly Moore served as its first librarian. She is the lady on the left in the 1st interior photo.

First Lexington African American Library--Dunbar School Dunbar School Storyhour 1944

1st branch of the Lexington library for the African American citizens was opened in the Dunbar School serving children during the school day, and adults after school. This "colored" branch was consolidated in 1968 at 221 South Main Street location.



103 East Center Street  Stacks


Miss Antoinette Earle and Sharpe sons, 1950s  Circulation Desk

The library moved to 103 East Center Street,  due to a need for more space in 1938 and remained there until 1966.  Miss Antoinette "Toni" Earle served as librarian  here from 1948 to 1960.

Basement of East Center St. before the move.  


Basement Children's Area  221 S. Main St., Peeler & Briggs

In 1966, The library moved to the Peeler & Briggs Building, its first Main Street location.   The building at 221 South Main Street is located between the Civic Center and News2 Headquarters.   Today in 2003, it is the home of a fabric store. 


220 South Main St. 220 South Main St. Bookdrop athe back and side of 220 South Main St.

In 1970, the library was moved to 220 South Main Street from across the street at 221 South Main St. into the old Federal Post Office  of Lexington.

1985 -

Old Colonial Food Store  Moving In

William Friday speaks at the dedication in April 1985  Current Lexington Library

602 South Main Street became the current home of the Lexington Library in 1985.   The former Colonial Food Store was  renovated and remodeled to accommodate the library's ever expanding collection.  The new building culminated a 25-year effort to secure a new library for Lexington and the surrounding area.

Davidson County Public Library System Timelines--North Carolina's Oldest County Public Library

Oct. 23, 1928**Lexington **
Oct. 25, 1928**Thomasville**
Winter 1929**Bookmobile on the road**
1955**North Davidson **
January 2000**West Davidson**