User Manual


The HCI Browser (updated 13-Jul-2011 for Firefox 5.0!) is a tool to help Human Computer Interaction and Information Science researchers conduct experiments that involve presenting web browsing tasks to users. It is implemented as an extension for Mozilla Firefox 3 and can be easily installed as a Firefox add-on. Read more on this website, or download our one-page summary.

The HCI Browser can present tasks to users, administer pre- and post-task questionnaires using a variety of question types, and collect event data while the user searches and browses the web.

The HCI Browser (HCIB) is being developed by Rob Capra at the Interaction Design Lab in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

For information and downloads, visit: http://ils.unc.edu/hcibrowser


  • Updated on 13-Jul-2011 for Firefox 5.0!
  • Administers configurable pre- and post-task questionnaires.
  • Presents tasks to participants in the toolbar area of the browser window.
  • Records browser events:
    • Pages loaded
    • Links clicked
    • Window and tab focus changes
    • Open/close windows and tabs
    • Back/forward button clicks
    • Typed URLs
    • Scrolling
    • History/bookmarks menu
  • Automatically closes windows at the end of each task.
  • Creates a new log file for each task
  • Log entries include a timestamp, session number, participant id, and task number