INLS 110-982:

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Course Description

This graduate course is a combination of independent study and course work. It is designed for those students who will be traveling as volunteers to South Africa as part of the World Library Partnership's
Inform the World program. Prior to departure, each student will compile background information on the appropriate country including important facts about the rural areas of the country, the library network both historical and current (school, public, academic and special), expectations for the rural libraries in which volunteers will be working. The best sources of background information come from the KwaZuluNatal (KZN) Libraries and Limpopo Libraries on the World Library Partnership site. Students will compile a reading record prior to departure, maintain a log during their time in the exchange visit, and submit a paper on some aspect of the experience after their return.


Instructor Evelyn Daniel is available via email or telephone: 919-962-8062. Please contact her if you have any questions about the credit option.

Preliminary Reading

Each student will compile a reading record with commentary prior to departure. Readings should include information about the country and region, current educational situation, and rural librarianship. The reading commentary should include full citations of each item read (one or two works of fiction are acceptable if novel setting provides accurate cultural background on the country). [Note: if the reading is from a website, the URL, organization, and date plus date of access should be provided]. The reading record should be sent electronically to Evelyn Daniel at one or two weeks prior to departure.

During the time on site, students are to maintain a log describing experiences and reactions. Each student will be asked to collect some documentary evidence on site, e.g., pictures and/or audio tapes.

Final Product

On return, a final report will be submitted with selected entries from the logs, illustrated by pictures, interview data, and a summary text. The paper will become the property of the instructor. Sections of the paper or the paper in its entirety may be made available on this site (or on the World Library Partnership site) for the interest and possible use of future students.


. A Reading List on or about South Africa is provided. The list includes both web sites and books -- adult fiction and non-fiction as well as children's books. Your local libraries will have other good possibilities.

Registration Information

The current cost of this three credit course is $465. It is offered through the University of North Carolina's Friday Center (Continuing Education) for off-campus credit. Interested students can go to to complete the registration/admission application.

Date revised April 13, 2004.
Evelyn Daniel