Evelyn H. Daniel

Dean and Professor Emerita
School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Email: daniel@ils.unc.edu
Office Telephone: (919) 962-8062
Office Fax: (919)962-8071
P.O. Address: CB #3360, 207A Manning Hall
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3360

About Me

I arrived in Chapel Hill in June 1985 and spent my first five years here as dean of the School of Information and Library Science. Prior to that I served as dean for five years at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Although I enjoyed the administrator, there are rewards in being a faculty member because there is greater opportunity to work with students. I moved to phased retirement some years ago and then returned to act as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the School for twoyears. I retired again and since that time have happily been teaching 2-3 courses a year on a part-time basic.

About Teaching

. I have taught a variety of subjects at (or for in the case of distance education) the universities of Rhode Island, California at Chico and at San Jose, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Washington, in addition to Syracuse and UNC. My teaching focuses on management and policy topics of one kind or another -- basic management, marketing, knowledge management, strategic planning, grant writing, information brokering and competitive intelligence. Most recently I've taught a first year seminar on information policy (a great experience and a great topic) and a series of short courses for UNC faculty and graduate students seeking to learn more about online teaching and instructional design. I served as Coordinator of the School Library Program for a number of years and have a particular soft spot for school librarians. That said, I've also taught the Special Libraries course a number of times and enjoy the entrepreneurial challenges and adaptability required by folks in corporate information support positions. I am a long term member (7 years) of the Chapel Hill (NC) Public Library Board of Trustees as the Orange County representative and am a firm believer in the central importance of public libraries to a democracy. I'm enthusiastic about teaching and like to experiment. A few of the websites or syllabi for recent courses may be found listed below.

About Research.

My most recent research activity has been a collaboration with Jennifer Arns (AP, University of South Carolina). We are examining a variety of management and policy issues surrounding public libraries and their boards of trustees. Our most recent article is "Cutback Management in U.S. Public Libraries: Deliberations, Decision Spaces, and Reflections" to be published in the next issue of Advances in Librarianship in November 2011.

On the Personal Side.

I have four children, two of whom live close by which is nice. I also have seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild on the way. Four of my grandchildren live nearby and three live in Maine (my birthplace and home of my heart). I am interested in animal (and plant) behavior and am persuaded that animals enjoy (or suffer) the same emotions that humans do. I always have a number of pets -- currently one kind and gentle dog, Margarita, who comes with me most days, and one small black cat -- Cali. Another personal interest is linguistics. I have studied a little French, Latin, Greek, Russian, German, Italian and am currently working on Arabic. I read a lot -- a wide variety of contemporary and natural history literature with other topics as people recommend them to me or as selected by the various book clubs I belong to. I also enjoy a Friday night movie group; we tend to see lots of foreign films, documentaries, and the like.

Some of the recent course syllabi for courses that I teach may be found at the following spots:

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