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INLS 110-037: CIP - ISSUES AND TRENDS IN LIS - Schedule Fall 2005

SCHEDULE - Fall 2005




Course Notes
Oct. 3 ... Oct. 5 ... Oct. 10 ... Oct.12 ... Oct. 17 ... Oct. 19 ... Oct. 24 ... Oct. 26 ... Oct. 29 ... Oct. 31 ... Nov. 1 ... Nov. 7 ... Nov. 9 ... Nov. 12 ... Nov. 14 ... Nov. 16 ... Nov. 21 ... Nov. 28 ... Nov. 30 ... Dec. 5 ... Dec. 7 ... Dec. 10

Notes and Due Dates
    October 3 Introductions. Overview of Class.
Reading: Bates. "Information and Knowledge: An Evolutionary Framework for Information Science."
Windham. "Father Google & Mother IM"
Check under Course Notes for further information.
   October 5 Speaker: Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikinews. Class will join other students and faculty in Manning Hall, Room 209 for this talk.
In preparation please review the website and explore some of the links provided on it. Check out a few topics that you know something about on Wikipedia.
Reading: Kelly. "We Are the Web".
Manes. "Google Isn't Everything."
Panel Presentations will shift to October 10.
  October 10 BLOGGING -- Chuck Grey will set us up on a community blog and talk about blogging.
Class panels - introductory presentations.
Reading: Find a blog of your choice to examine and share. Some examples of SILS people with blogs -- Infomusings, PomeRantz, The Real Paul Jones
Myburgh (text) - Preface (xiii-xviii) and Chapter 1 (1-10).
Buschman. "Notes on Postmodern Technology, Technocracy, and Libraries."
Stutzman, "An Evaluation of Identity-Sharing Behavior in Social Network Communities"

Panel Presentations. Write-up of Interviews due.
  October 12 Lecture: Lennart Bjorneborn from Denmark on "Libraries as Possibility Spaces"
Reading: Carr. "Cultural Institutions"
Myburgh (text) Chapter 2, "What is Information Work Anyway?, pp. 11-38.

See Course Notes for this date for some commentary and discussion questions.
  October 17 We will join with the International Issues class for a second lecture by Lennart Bjorneborn on "World-Encompassing Information Systems". It is currently scheduled from 2:00 to 5:00. Room to be announced
Reading: Friedman. "The World is Flat".

Remember to post a comment or two on the blog site. See CourseNotes for some prompt questions.
Reading: Marcus & Gould. "Cultural Dimensions and User Interface Design"
Myburgh (text) Chapter 3, "The TIP Paradigm and Habitus" pp. 39-80.
Topic Selection Description due.
Fall break begins. ILSSA trip to DC.
  Week 4
  October 24

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Reading: Marcum. "Research Questions for the Digital Era Library."
Bruce. "Personal, Anticipated Information Need"
Myburgh (text) Chap. 4, "Changing Content," pp. 81-96.
Check Course Notes for some notes and discussion questions about the readings.
  October 26 Lecture: Birger Larsen on Information Retrieval from Structured Documents

Reading: Kranich. "The Information Commons."
Komito. "Regulation of Information."
Myburgh (text) Chap. 5, "What is the Information Society Anyway?" pp. 97-110.
This Saturday (October 29) opportunity to visit the zoo in Asheboro.
  Week 5
  October 31
ASIST National Conference in Charlotte, NC. Bus engaged for an all-day trip.

We will leave from campus at 5am and return around 10pm. You can sleep on the bus.
  November 2
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Reading: Inglehart. "Culture and Democracy"
Myburgh (text) Chap. 6, "A Kuhnian Paradign Shift, Perhaps" pp. 117-134.

First two student presentations: Barbara Aebi [now rescheduled for Nov. 7] and Samira Akpan.
  Week 7
  November 7
Reading: Lester & Kroehler. "Ethics of Information."
Myburgh (text) Chapter 7, "The IP Mosaic" pp. 135-152.
Two student presentations:
  • Jesper Eilertsen
  • Daniel Hendley

Please check Course Notes for comments on readings to help with blogging.
  November 9
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Reading: Buckland, "Five Grand Challenges."
Bruce, "Personal Anticipated Information Need"
Myburgh (text) Chapter 8, "Core Information Knowledge," pp. 153-184.

Two student presentations: Chase Hansen and Agnes Lee.
  November 12
Special Bus Trip to Greensboro to visit libraries and museums. With Professor David Carr and the Cultural Institutions class.
We will depart campus at 8:30am [NOTE: this is change that bus driver insisted on - he thinks it will take more than an hour] from Bus Stop in front of Student Union on South Road. Look for Southern Bus Company. Plan is to arrive at the Hemphill Branch Library at 10. At 11 we return to the bus and go to the new Central Library and see it, the Children's Museum, the Green Hill Gallery, and Greensboro History Museum (lunch during this time). Return to bus at 3:30 and arrive back in Chapel Hill at approximately 4:30 pm.
  Week 7
  November 14

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Lecture: N. Vijayan on Asian perspective on the Information Society -- case study of Singapore.
Reading: World Summit on the Information Society. NOTE: These readings are posted under Week Five in Blackboard.
Examine Documenting the American South, UNC-CH's digital library on southern history, literature, and culture.
  Week 8
  November 16
N. Vijayan lecturing on Records Management and Digital Preservation.
Reading: Pardo et al. "Opening Gateways; Designing Electronic Records Access Programs"
Myburgh (text) Chapt. 9, "What Does the New IP Look Like?" pp. 185-200.
  November 21 Lecture: N. Vijayan on INFORMATION RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
Reading: McInerney. "Knowledge Management and the Dynamic Nature of Knowledge"
Grant. "The Knowledge-Based View of the Firm."
Myburgh (text) Chapter 10 "Conclusions" pp. 201-204.
  November 23 Fall Break for Thanksgiving. No class.  
  Week 9
  November 28
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Three Student Presentations:
  • Eric Hoffman
  • Hidayah and Denise Lim
  • Nikolaj Nielsen
  November 30 Two Student Presentations:
  • Kel Lim
  • Mathias Praegel
  December 5 Lecture: INFORMATION LITERACY
Student Presentation:
  • Poul Sloth
  December 7 Last Class. Celebration. Paper due by or before Dec. 15
Opportunity to visit NC Museum of Art with Cultural Institutions Class on Dec. 10

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