INLS161-001 Spring 2022

Tools for Information Literacy

Work with your template to build a structure you can fill with content later

Practice working with an HTML/CSS template

Find an HTML/CSS template that fits your style for your final task 02 website.
Consider whether or not you want to continue to use a hard code text editor
or instead use a Graphical User Interface Web Editor.

Let's use a template to understand the role CSS can play in the look of your website. Download one and study its components.

Work on perfecting your index.html page and, when it fully meets your needs, replicate it several more times, each time renaming it in accordance with the target anchors on your home/index page.

Have your own templates ready to ask questions about the components, either on the page or in the linked set of CSS instructions.

Very useful tools

You will want to bookmark them for later use

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