INLS777-001 Fall 2022

Perspectives on information, technology and people

29 November 2022  1230-1345

A few minutes to think about things

more than a song


Silvio Rodríguez is another of the leaders of the Nueva Trova movement, but he is interesting in that he is also a member of Parliament in Cuba. His entry notes ...

He is known for his highly eloquent and symbolic lyrics. Many of his songs have become classics in Latin American music, such as Ojalá, Playa Girón and La maza. Rodríguez is well known for socially critical yet ambiguous lyrics, which have raised the suspicions of both the Cuban government and Cuban-American groups on various occasions.

Note the emotions among the audience.

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it takes more than one

Hiromi Uehara "XYZ"

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it may take a village

Red Baraat and the Brooklyn Public Library

We at NPR Music leave a lot of variables out in the wild when we make Field Recordings. That's especially true when we commission new music for the annual Make Music New York festival, as we have for three years.
Since we're not using a traditional stage and people are roaming around, we don't know exactly what the performance will sound like (though we're lucky to work with fantastic engineering colleagues). It's always held outdoors, and we can't be sure what the weather will be.
And in two of these three years - the first and this one - we've flung the doors open and invited anyone who wanted to perform to come play alongside professionals. Pretty risky, right?
But what we've found, and what is so incredibly gratifying, is that amazingly talented and generous people join in - this year, about 350 of them on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library. With a new piece by Sunny Jain of Red Baraat, the beat and the heart were there already, but the spirit burst to life when all those musicians came out to play.

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and several more

Keith Jarrett Solo Concert

John Cage: 4'33'' / Petrenko ยท Berliner Philharmoniker

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a request

Contribute to course effectiveness by filling out your course evaluation forms

As your courses come to a close, SILS is beginning to prepare and improve for the following semester. We ask each one of you to be a part of this process by filling out the UNC/SILS Course Evaluation. Each of you should have gotten an individual email with a link to the evaluations. If you are having trouble accessing the course evaluations there are three alternate ways you can access them:

SILS Teaching Evaluation

The responses to this questionnaire are aggregated and then distributed to the instructor of the course. They are seen by no one else at SILS, and are intended solely for the instructor to improve this particular course or his/her teaching in general. They are intended solely for the instructors to improve this particular course or their teaching in general. In order to serve that purpose, we need to hear from each of you.

There are three ways students can access the evaluations if they are having trouble using the direct link in the email they get:

  1. In Sakai: In the left hand menu on the main landing page, you should see a link to COURSE EVALUATIONS
  2. In Connect Carolina: In your student center you should see a separate section that says COURSE EVALUATIONS
  3. Go to and log in using your onyen and your onyen password. When you log in you should see a list of evaluations you need to complete.

There is a time deadline to complete your course evaluations, but the sooner you can complete this small task, the better the task will be completed.

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