INLS777-001 Fall 2022

Perspectives on information, technology and people

11 October 2022  1230-1345

③ discuss

One of the groups may be taking the lead, guiding us in a discussion of what we have just watched together.

  1. what, if anything, did this have to do with "information"?
  2. did we learn anything about the context of the story in the movie, or about, perhaps, ourselves?

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④ ponder

Think about the information being conveyed in sound, via the spoken language.

The individuals in the movie are practitioners of a music genre. But how can one describe it in words.

Jazz musicians place a high value on finding their own sound and style, and that means, for example, that trumpeter Miles Davis sounds very different than trumpeter Louis Armstrong ... Jazz musicians like to play their songs in their own distinct styles, and so you might listen to a dozen different jazz recordings of the same song, but each will sound different. The musicians' playing styles make each version different, and so do the improvised solos. Jazz is about making something familiar--a familiar song--into something fresh. And about making something shared--a tune that everyone knows--into something personal. Those are just some of the reasons that jazz is a great art form, and why some people consider it "America's classical music." National Museum of American History

Do you consider it "America's classical music"?

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⑥ an unanswered question

Finally, at least one time per session, you all are offered the opportunity to put me on the spot.

What is the "one big question" that the readings posed, but did not answer?

If I can't come up with an answer immediately, I will research it and have it for you at the subsequent session.

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