INLS777-001 Fall 2022

Perspectives on information, technology and people

27 September 2022  1230-1345

② watch

We will use this instance of a piece of music to build a data model. But first, watch Jake Shimabukuro express himself.

Jake became an international sensation in 2006 when a YouTube video of him playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps in Central Park - without his knowledge - became one of the very first viral videos on that site with millions of views.
Above the Basement

This was what it looked like then.

But the song has been done by many artists, this one at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2004 Induction Ceremony.

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③ do

In class today,

we will analyze the information we have and then create an entity relationship model,
from which we will create a relational database.

As you do that, think about these questions
  1. Who is the musician? [Jake Shimabukoro]
  2. What is the name of the piece he is playing? [While my guitar gently weeps]
  3. Who wrote the piece he is playing? [George Harrison]
  4. Did he write other works? [one might assume so]
  5. Who has also played this work? [how are they related?]

Thinking back to the previous session ...

  1. How many and what entity classes are engaged here?
  2. What are the attributes for each of the entities?
  3. What are the relationships between the entity classes?
  4. If we set up a relational database containing these entities, can we add new entities to the database without having to modify the basic relationships?

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④ ponder

We will ponder relationships and data structures by building a music database in class today.

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⑤ listen

We will have listened to several pieces and that should suffice for today.

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⑥ an unanswered question

Finally, at least one time per session, you all are offered the opportunity to put me on the spot.

What is the "one big question" that the readings posed, but did not answer?

If I can't come up with an answer immediately, I will research it and have it for you at the subsequent session.

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